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Get Your Commercial Mortgage Loans With Mortgage First

While many customers turn to Mortgage First to get residential mortgages, one of the biggest product we have for our clients are our commercial mortgages. A commercial mortgage loan doesn’t have to be a difficult or overwhelming process when you partner with Mortgage First.

Why Choose Us for Your Commercial Mortgages

Mortgage First is one of the leading commercial mortgage firms in the area. In 2013 alone, we had more than $300 million in our pipeline. We also have a team of dedicated commercial underwriters that come from major national banks and former VPs and Executive Officers. These experts are able to provide the professional insight you deserve to make your commercial mortgage goals a reality.  Call us today to get started, we have more than 60 lenders that work with us and who are ready to find our clients the best deals possible.

Why Choose Us for Commercial Mortgage Loans

There are many reasons why we tell our clients they should choose us for commercial loans. We are experienced, we offer fast turn around times and we are able to offer special programs on commercial loan products. However, above all things, we are able to offer the lowest possible commercial rates for virtually every asset type. We offer low commercial rates for:

  1. Multi residential properties
  2. Hotels and motels
  3. Industrial properties
  4. Retail companies
  5. Plazas and office buildings
  6. Construction properties and land

When you need commercial mortgage loans on these properties, we are the experts to turn for to get the assistance you need!

What Makes Our Commercial Mortgages Different 

When you turn to us for help with commercial mortgages you will get to experience some of the many benefits that we have to offer our clients. One of the many benefits of using Mortgage First is that we can offer up to 80% of the loan value with our commercial loans.

Other commercial mortgage companies on the other hand, are usually only able to offer financing for around 65-75% of the value of the property. We can do this because of our proprietary private equity fund; a funding source that allows us to pass benefits on to our commercial clients. While typical amortization on commercial mortgages is about 15-20 years; we are able to go up to 25 years in certain situations. We strive to offer these services so that our commercial clients can truly take advantage of the benefits.

About Our Special Programs for Mortgage First Commercial Mortgage Loans

At Mortgage First, we know that there are always some special situations that can govern the commercial loan process. This is why we have several special programs, including our program for owner occupied or partially owner occupied deals. With these programs we can offer up to 90% of the loan to value; all at rates that are comparable to other banks.

What We Offer With Our Commercial Loan Mortgages

When you turn to us for help with your commercial loan mortgages you will find that our industry links and allows us to speed up the appraisal process and the time it takes to complete enviro reports. The result is a much faster execution time. Partnering with us means getting access to both fixed and variable rate commercial products. Our mortgage experts also offer fully private commercial mortgages in situations when banks cannot offer their assistance.

Getting Started With Our Expert Commercial Loan Services

If you are ready to get the commercial loan that you have always needed for your upcoming business venture, then contact us today. We are standing by and ready to help you with all of your commercial loan mortgage needs.

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